At out plant in Sitarganj, Uttarakhand, we have established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility adhering to high quality standards and inspection norms. One million Aaron helmets are produced at the plant every year. A large holding are and a warehouse help us to process mass consignments quickly and efficiently.


1. Injection Moulding Machine

At par with some of world best machines, the application of injection moulding not only ensures constant injection speeds, but also guarantee extremely high levels of consistency and accuracy with least amount of stress put on moulds.

2. Stitching Operation

When it comes to comfort and fit, stitching plays an important role. We at Aaron Helmets, employ state of the art technology to do such customization. Our Japanese stitching machine, reduces the inconsistencies that occur during the operation. These machines come with other features such as , enlarging, moving, and creating custom designs with accurate positioning, This helps ensuring the durability and fit as per the specifications.

3. Laboratory Testing

At Aaron Helmets, we believe that as technology continues to evolve, so should helmet design and manufacturing techniques.
Before a helmet is certified, it is tested in our state-of-the-art test laboratory. Our technicians conduct a variety of tests to determine the helmet’s performance and ability to stay on the head during crash simulations and different environmental conditions also. Depending on the application and the standard, each helmet must pass all or some of the following tests:
– Impact test
– Position Stability test
– Dynamic retention test
– Chin bar test

4. Paintshop

At our paint shop we have employedworld class of painting technologies that is less toxic than conventional system, in turn preserving the environment. This, system ensures correct color matching so that there is no deviation in colors while preparing different batches. This, in turn, helps save time of the labor thus, increase efficiency.
This eco friendly process is part of our green manufacturing mission to ensure that our products are free from lead and chromate.

5. Assembly

The biggest advances in helmet manufacturing technology over the last decade have come from advanced materials usage in the outer shell, improved manufacturing techniques such as injection molding, and use of new liner materials.
We have ensured that during the assembly of our final product these innovative manufacturing techniques are implemented.
This not only reduces defects during assembly but also ensures consistency and improve the durability of products.

6. Workforce

At Aaron , we believe these state of art technologies and latest manufacturing equipment’s would be not in synergy unless the workforce at our manufacturing end is not technically equipped to work along.
That’s why there has been enormous focus on making workforce. Through this, our workmen gain new experience in handling world class machinery and are made aware such functionalities so as to motivated them in achieving highest standards in quality and delivery assurances.